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4 black woman dating a white man tips

black woman dating a white man tipsBlack woman dating a white man is already a common thing now. It just likes any relationship, your wmbw relationship will not always be sunny and bright.
Below are some tips for black woman dating a white man and want to marry him/her someday.

1.Ignore everyone except the person you're married to

This is your marriage, the two of you created this. You'll experience life together, maybe start a family, consists of babies or puppies is entirely up to you and grow old together. So, the first tip is despite what anyone else may say.

2.Use your differences to learn more about each other

The worst thing you can do is try to ignore your differences or act like they don't matter. I’m not just talking about skin color here, although that is a factor, of course, because your skin color shapes you.

Different races have different experiences. Like say, you might also come from different cultural backgrounds. Maybe you grew up in the same town but lived in different neighborhoods, attended different schools, and practiced different religions.

Go ahead and focus on those differences. Get interested in them. Use them as a means to learn about each others lives, the triumphs as well as the failures. Trade shoes. Your feet won't necessarily fit, but you'll learn more about where your lover came from.

3.Try not to let your interracial marriage become a pressure cooker

Most marriages have their pressures. In an interracial marriage, you face the pressure of fitting in but it’s different. You're navigating brand new territory and family members might disapprove for any number of reasons.

One of you might feel uncomfortable stepping into the other person’s world. One of you might even feel unwelcome. That can have enormously negative effects on your relationship. You have to cross these hurdles somehow but don't let the pressure seep into your home. Your partner isn't responsible for his or her family. You're not responsible for yours, either.

4.Talk about any issues that bother you when they happen

The worst thing you can do is let something fester. It doesn’t matter if you hate your husband’s snoring or if your wife feels like your aunt made a really insensitive comment. Get it out, vent if you need to, and then discuss it together. Talk about how you can deal with whatever happened. This is tricky when it involves the behaviors and attitudes of others, especially family and friends, but it's best if you get it out in the open before you start feeling resentful. Just don't attack your spouse. Remember, neither of you are responsible for anyone else actions.


love is all you need. You can make your interracial marriage work by loving, respecting, and supporting each other. Never stop learning about one another. Never stop discovering new things. Never let the opinions of others turn something beautiful into something ugly.

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