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How can a Black Woman Attract a White Man?

Satisfy his emotional needs. A lot of men walk out of relationships because they don’t get their emotional needs met. Men want to be the providers, protectors, and pursuers. If you deny his gifts, get offended at his attempts to help you, and stop him from pursuing you, you may feel independent as a woman but men will feel like you’re shutting them out of your life.

Keep your own passions and single life. A lot of women give themselves completely to a relationship thinking that this will make a man want her more. However, this is not only extremely unattractive to men, it’s also very unhealthy. Instead, continue to have friends and activities outside of any relationship that you get into.

Get in touch with your femininity and feminine power. A lot of women attempt to compete with men for the masculine role in the relationship. If you do this with a guy, he will instantly feel like there’s no room for him in your life. Instead, if you connect with the feminine part of yourself, he’ll feel like there’s a place for him and he’ll take on the masculine role in your relationship.

Know your worth. Believing that you deserve to have a great man who wants you and only you is very attractive to men. If you believe that you deserve him, he’ll believe that you deserve him. If you don’t believe that you deserve him, he’ll begin to think there is something wrong and start finding reasons to pull away and disappear.

Flirt, tease, and learn how attraction works with men. The relationships that I’ve seen which end in happily ever after involve two people who continue to flirt and attract each other no matter how long they’ve been in a relationship together.Fortunately, this can be a lot of fun! You just need to practice and learn the secrets to making men feel attracted to you.

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